About US

Solid Energy Logistics Inc. was established to eliminate oil spills on our fragile lands, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Several times each year, we watch helplessly as crude oil trucks have accidents in remote areas, train derailments occur along river valleys, crude pipelines burst, and oil tanker vessels sink in our pristine lakes and oceans with tens of thousands of barrels of crude oil released, causing extensive environmental damage to our ecosystems, wildlife, and effects of precious drinking water.

A new method of crude oil storage and transportation is long overdue.

Our company based in Edmonton, Alberta has exclusively licensed a proprietary method to mix crude oil with a proprietary additive to create solid blocks of crude oil for the safe storage and transportation of crude oil from the oil fields to the refinery.

Once the solid oil blocks reaches their destination refinery, the crude oil is safely separated at the refinery into liquid form for use by the refinery to process into final gasoline, diesel. and other petroleum products.